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Let us fund the purchase taxes for your client

More than just a loan, TaxLend is the ancillary solution for funding commercial property transactions.

Join our growing network of Referral Partners (mortgage brokers, lenders, real estate agents, lawyers and accountants) who trust TaxLend to fund the purchase taxes due on their clients’ commercial property deals.

We are an independently funded principal lender, not a broker. We can lend on any commercial property purchases – whether it’s a warehouse, ‘man cave’ or a multi-million dollar development site. We can fund part or all of the GST and Stamp Duty on their purchase, anywhere in Australia.

We use a simple application procedure and standard loan and security documentation. This allows us to move as fast as is required meeting your clients’ property purchase tax needs.

Not only do we provide a fast and simple ancillary funding solution for your clients, we also incentivise our introducers with a generous commission for loan referrals.

TaxLend only provides GST and Stamp Duty funding so any Referral Partner can rest assured we will not be competing with you for your clients’ business. In fact, we will pay you a commission every time your client returns for future funding (conditions apply). We are an ancillary partner to a commercial property purchase and that’s all.

TaxLend is a great solution for your clients that need a little extra help with the additional government taxes that come with a property purchase.

To find out more about becoming a TaxLend Referral Partner or to discuss a particular case, please fill in the form on this page or call us on 1300TAXLEND.

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