The minimum GST loan is $30,000
The minimum Stamp Duty Loan is $10,000
There is no maximum amount. However, facilities over $1 million will require deeper discussion and you will be assigned a representative to assist with this.

Yes. There is no limit to the number of loans a customer can apply for. We look at each loan separately (although each loan will need to be held in an individual entity).

To apply for a TaxLend loan you simply need to fill in our short and simple online application form (which takes less than 3 minutes to complete). The majority of the time, all we need is a copy of the contract of sale and 100 points of ID. Click here for a full list.

Yes. While our standard offer is for full funding, we can provide a facility that fits your specific needs.

We can only offer loans to commercial borrowers for commercial purposes. TaxLend also requires the property to be purchased by and held in an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle).

The cost of our loans vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to: loan size, loan purpose (GST, Stamp Duty or both). Once you fill in the quick application form here we will be able to give you a quick quote.

Depending on the loan you are taking out (GST and/or Stamp duty) the terms vary. For a GST loan, the minimum is 1 month and maximum may vary.

Stamp duty loans are in 6 month periods up to 12 months maximum. A minimum term of 3 months applies.

Of course every case is different. However, we can usually provide you funding in as little as 2 working days.

Yes. When time is of the essence, we can help. Please call TaxLend now. We can offer a Fast Track facility with rapid turnaround tailored to the specific needs of your transaction.

No, we are a principal lender. We use standard documentation and processes. We work with a number of brokers and other partners to deliver TaxLend loans to their customers.

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