The best GST float solution for your project

In all new builds (and some refurbishments/renovations) you can claim 100% of the GST back on all costs associated with the development. Since there are no sales (‘Goods’ in the ‘Goods and Service Tax’ – ‘GST’) until the completion of the project, you are always in reclaim monthly or quarterly. You’re paying out $1,000s sometimes $100,000s every month in GST only to claim it back months later.

The pressure this puts on cashflow is immense. In the current financial climate there is often not enough equity to provide a GST float in the construction funding.

This can cause a major gap in cashflow during development.

TaxLend is the solution. We can provide the GST Float required with little to no impact on your primary funder.

TaxLend provides a solution: borrow the GST on submitted claims and the GST on received invoices.

The process:

  • Invoices are submitted to TaxLend on a schedule when they are claimed or received.
  • You can draw down on these amounts as and when you require.
  • A rolling facility is provided for the duration of the construction with GST refunds being paid back to your TaxLend facility allowing for quick access and minimal interest costs.

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